Electric Foldable Treadmill WP1 from CITYSPORTS

by City sports Treadmill Company

CITYSPORTS Foldable Electric Treadmill WP1


The treadmill lies flat under your desk, giving you the best in-office fitness while you work. Because this treadmill weighs only 26.2 kg, it is significantly more portable than most office exercise machines. This folding treadmill slides easily under furniture when not in use.

The sleek design of this slim treadmill is a functional addition to any minimalist home. It measures 147cm x 59cm x 15cm, has a total ground clearance of 15cm and can support up to 100kg.

Designed for durable use with a 500W motor, the maximum user weight CITYSPORTS WP1 is 100kg. Choose your speed between 1 and 6 km / h and start improving your cardiovascular condition with our CITYSPORTS treadmill.

LED screen display: time, speed, calories burned and distance. You can easily adjust the speeds with the remote control.

With speeds ranging from 1 to 6 km/h, the treadmill allows you to select a different speed according to your physical condition and exercise needs. This treadmill is perfect for the office and home. The quiet motor and belt let you exercise without disturbing your coworkers or family.

Visit here: https://www.city-sports.eu/collections/treadmill/products/citysports-foldable-electric-treadmill-wp1