Dog Leg Sleeve for Prevent Urine Splash

by Crawlpaw Pet Products Company

With this leg protector sleeve, pets can go outside without getting dirty or spattered with urine.
Material: TPR, wear-resistant, durable, high elasticity, skin-friendly.
As the cover is worn, the fixed ring firmly locks the limbs to prevent it from falling off.
With an adjustable buckle, the tightness can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the size of the dog.


Dog Leg Sleeve for Preventing Urine Splash

Dog Knee Brace Product Category

TPR is the material

Small, medium, and large breeds are ideal for this product

This protective leg cover is specially designed to keep pets safe from dust, dirt, and urine splashes when they’re out and about. Designed with four legs to protect our pets.



The highest quality materials
The fabric is coated with TPR, which makes it breathable and durable. When dogs are going out or climbing, the sling cover prevents dust, dirt, and urine splashing, so they can travel safely and hygienically.

It is possible to adjust the buckle arbitrarily based on the size of the dog. The leg sleeves can also be folded inward or outward for dogs with short legs.

Keeping yourself from falling
A fixed ring connects the spring webbing leg covers on the back, preventing the leg covers from falling off while the dog is playing.