Dog Leg Braces for Fix Hock Sprains

by Crawlpaw Pet Products Company

Protects wounds and relieves pain caused by ligament damage, arthritis and dysplasia.
Compression and support are provided by soft and breathable fabric, while the elastic strap and snug fit provide flexibility.
Your dog will be clearly visible in dim light thanks to the reflective strip design.
Veterinarian designed and tested for comfort, fitness, and support on the most popular dog breeds.


Dog Leg Braces for Fixing Hock Sprains

Knee Brace for Dogs is a product category

The material is SBR

Breeds: Small, medium, and large dogs

Ideal for scenes where dogs are injured or have weak legs due to arthritis. We Have Dog Leg Assist Straps So You No Longer Have To Worry.



To ensure the dog leg remains stable and comfortable, the splint is made up of two metal bars on each hind leg.

Suitable for dogs with weak tarsus after surgery, osteoarthritis, ligament arthritis, tendons injuries, and ACL rehab.

Designed to perfectly fit your dog’s hock joints, so that he or she can move freely.

Easily Adjustable and Secure: Each rear hind leg brace has an adjustable belt that secures the brace around the hock without sliding.

In the dark, reflective straps provide visibility and safety. This leg brace provides regular protection for the dog, so it does not have to worry about getting injured.