Dog Leg Brace for Fix Hock

by Crawlpaw Pet Products Company

An integrated metal strip supports the wrist bone and hock, thereby indirectly reducing joint damage.
Stabilizes the wrist bones and hocks of a dog during an injury, allowing them to walk more steadily.
Velcro is easy to adjust according to leg shape and can be installed and removed in a matter of seconds.
We provide a knee brace that is veterinary recommended, safe to use, and ensures your dog’s comfort and safety during recovery time.


The product name is Dog Leg Brace for Fix Hock.

Dog Knee Brace Product Category

The material is wool surface lycra, composite diving material

The ideal breed would be a small, medium, or large dog

This Scene Is Ideal For: It Can Be Difficult For A Dog To Move When They Are Injured Or Have Weak Legs Due To Arthritis. Our Dog Leg Assist Straps Make Your Life Easier.


Features of the product

Faster healing of injuries
A reinforced design with metal springs sewn into each side of the brace helps scar tissue develop and heal faster while remaining flexible and comfortable for your dog. Supporting the joint medially and laterally allows your dog to move freely without straining the ankle joint.

Orthopedic design for veterinary patients
In veterinary orthopedic care, our dog leg brace is specially designed to provide extreme support in dog leg hock (ankle) injuries, sprains, arthritis, joint support, and post-surgery recovery. This product is designed for leg hock (ankle) support, not knee support.

Exceptional quality
Custom-made with premium composite diving materials for a comfortable, precise, durable dogleg support that meets and exceeds certified veterinarians’ expectations.

Sizing of the product
Size dimensions and dog sizing can be found in the photos. Make sure you measure your dog’s leg before ordering. It is designed to support a dog’s hocks (ankles), not its knees (ACLs).