Dog Hyperflexion Of Phalanges Brace

by Crawlpaw Pet Products Company

SBR high elastic band with toe cord cushioning for pets with weak hind legs.
Dogs are stimulated between their toes, causing a withdrawal reflex that causes them to lift their foot higher, improve their gait, and improve the position of their hind legs.
For dogs with sciatic nerve insufficiency caused by Degenerative Myelopathy or intervertebral disc disease.
It is not recommended to use the sling continuously for more than two hours without a break or to leave it on overnight.


Hyperflexion of Phalanges Brace for Dogs

Dog Knee Brace Product Category

The material is SBR with a high elastic band

Breeds: Small, medium, and large dogs

Cat Dog Disabled Hind Leg Auxiliary Strap, Instep Mopping, Hind Limb Neuritis, Correcting Leg Force Can Be Used, High-quality Safety Material SBR High Elastic Belt, Length Can Be Adjusted.


Feature Descriptions

Support for corrections
Provides your dog with enhanced self-motion and posture for pets with neurological impairments.

Designed by professionals in the field of canine rehabilitation
Canine rehabilitation professionals can use the assisted training dog leash to assist dogs with neurological conditions resulting in knuckles on the hind paws.

Pets recovering from spine surgery or suffering from disc disease may benefit from this product. As a result, the dog lifts his foot higher, correcting his gait and improving the position of his hind paws, evoking the withdrawal reflex.

Adjustable, lightweight, and comfortable
Comfortably fits pets with weak back legs with extra fleece pads and toe cord cushioning made of lightweight, durable SBR. In addition to adjustable cord loops for a perfect fit, this dog training boot has a touch fastener closure for joint support above and below.