Dog Front Shoulder Brace

by Lovepluspet Dog Brace & Wheelchair

Hygroma, dysplasia, and recovery after elbow surgery are suitable for this product
Another option for replacing cones
Preventing the dog from biting and licking the wound.
Soft and elastic polyester fabric is comfortable for dogs and allows them to move freely
It has a large shoulder fabric that prevents it from slipping off.


The Lovepluspet Dog Front Shoulder Brace is now available

Designed for Elbow arthritis, Elbow calluses, and Elbow wound healing. Post-surgery, it can also be used to cover ointments, wounds, and bandages. The fabric is made of polyester, which is soft and elastic. To prevent licking and biting, the large fabric design on the shoulders makes it difficult to slip off.

Conditions that are appropriate

Hygroma and dysplasia of the elbow
Calluses on the elbows, pressure sores
Healing of a wound on the elbow
A dislocated shoulder
The material

Polyester with a soft feel
Velcro straps that can be adjusted
Unfit sizes can be exchanged for free after donation.

Measuring the size

The complete statistics can be found in the Size Guide below the price.
If you have any questions about the size, please email us at [email protected].
Tips for getting started

It may take up to two weeks for your pet to fully accept the brace
The brace should be worn for 30 minutes a day, increasing by 30 minutes every day after that.
Wear your brace according to your veterinarian’s instructions.
Sleeping with the brace on is not recommended.
Check your pet’s skin for signs of irritation. Contact your veterinarian if any of these symptoms are present.
Keep skin and fur that come into contact with the brace clean in addition to wiping it clean.
Make sure your brace is in good working order by inspecting it regularly.
Take note

Besides assisting wound recovery and preventing licking, it has little support for the leg.
The stent should be removed 2-3 times a day and the skin should be allowed to breathe
Keep your dog in a cage or leave it unattended without the stand
While sleeping, remove the brace to allow the wound to breathe