Dog Carpal Brace For Support

by Crawlpaw Pet Products Company

Supports and stabilizes a dog’s wrist bones during an injury, allowing them to walk steadily.
Perforated cloth of high quality, breathable and soft. The skin of your dog will not be damaged, and the mobility of the dog will not be compromised.
Velcro is easy to adjust according to leg shape and easy to fix and remove.
To ensure nighttime safety, reflective strips are used at night.


The product name is Dog Carpal Brace for Support

Knee Brace for Dogs is a product category

The material is perforated Ko cloth

Breeds: Small, medium, and large dogs

Injuries or weak legs caused by arthritis can make it difficult for your dog to move around. Our Dog Leg Assist Straps Make Your Life Easier.



EXTENSIVE PRACTICALITY: The canine carpal brace is an excellent therapy tool. Dog wounds can be better cared for, joint pain can be relieved, and future injuries can be prevented. Furthermore, it can protect your pets from snake bites, etc., when used outdoors.

Supporting the wrists of dogs with arthritis helps maintain stability. Keeping the balance of your dog’s body prevents injuries to joints and knees, as well as not affecting their mobility.

The dog wrist brace comes with Velcro strips that can be adjusted easily and secure the brace in place without sliding around. The brace is easy to fasten and remove, so please remove it every 3-4 hours and at night so the leg can “breathe”.

Our carpal splint for dogs has two metal spring strips that form a splint that provides stronger support and stabilization to dog legs.

The dog wrist brace is made of premium quality neoprene, which is flexible, soft, durable, and shockproof. It is easy to wear and it doesn’t cause irritation.