Different Color Carbon Fiber Arrow Shaft for Shooting

by Bestwillcomposite Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole Supplier

Different Color Carbon Fiber Arrow Shaft for Shooting

Bestwill composite co., ltd.Supply carbon fiber and fiberglass arrow shafts, instead of many of the aluminum arrow shaft because of it’s advantage, lighter weight, strong enough, corrosion resistant.
Bestwill composite co., ltd.Can make these arrow shafts as per the customer’s request, the technic to produce such arrow shaft are very mature for us, pls contact us when you need such requirements.

Material:Plastic, fiberglass, carbon fiber .
Length:About 32inches
Inner diameter:4.2mm, 4.3mm, 6.2mm

1.100% standard modulus carbon for superior strength and durability
2.Hand fletched with color vanes and bohning blaze nocks
3.Spine aligned for increased accuracy and consistency for better grouping
4.Sruface colors may be assorted

Product description:
Our arrow are suitable for recurve bow, longbow.For draw weight of 30-55 pounds bows.
Replacement screw-in archery broadhead.You can replace the archery broadheads that you like.
Our arrow has color vanes and carbon fiebr or fiberglass shaft and 100 grain archery broadheads.
This type is good enough for arrow shooting practice or keep you archery skill.
This product has very good durability.Accuracy is also very high.Get your bow and arrow, ready to shoot.

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