Carbon Composite Water Fed Pole BWFG18

by Bestwillcomposite Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole Supplier

Carbon Composite Water Fed Pole BWFG18

BESTWILL– Carbon Composite Water Fed Pole is a hybrid of carbon fibre and glass fibre.
It is a very economic choice when you don’t have a very high requirement on stiffness of the pole.
This series of poles are ideally to reach height of 31ft or below.
Advantages :1. Light weight 2. High strength 3. Long-lasting
Handle section material of our pole could be Glass fiber , so it will be insulated against live wire & electric shock .
Gap between each section is 0.2mm
Application: Flag pole, radio mast, windows cleaning pole , photography system , handle tool .

Type: BWFG18
Working Reaching: 22ft
Extended Length: 5.23m
Sections: 4
Approx Weight: 1060g
Handle Diameter: 30.5mm

Other specifications can be made according to per customer’s requirements .
Label : Carbon Fiber Water Fed Pole, Window Cleaning Pole,Telescopic Pole,
Extension Pole,Flag pole,Flex Pole,Carbon Fiber Cleaning Pole,Advertising Flags

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