Back Hock Dog Brace

by Lovepluspet Dog Brace & Wheelchair

Hock joint injuries, hock arthritis, and surgery recovery
Three-mm neoprene with breathable holes
It is easy to put on and take off


Lovepluspet introduces the Back Hock Dog Brace
THE LOVEPLUSPET Back Hock Dog Brace is designed to stabilize and support the arthritic hock joint to reduce pain and facilitate increased mobility. Fabric is high-quality 3-mm neoprene with breathable holes. Several sizes are available to suit most dogs.

Conditions that are appropriate

Injuries to the hock joint
Recovering from Hock Surgery
The arthritic knee
The condition of the hip deteriorates
The material

Neoprene and nylon have strong wear resistance
Velcro made of nylon
Once a donation has been made, unfit sizes can be exchanged for free.

Measuring the size

Below the price you will find a Size Guide with all the statistics.
Please contact us if you have any questions about the size: [email protected]
Here are some quick tips

The leg support for dogs should be hand washed and allowed to dry naturally after washing.
Wrap the wound with gauze and then cover it with our dog leg guard to prevent licking or chewing.
It may take up to two weeks for your pet to fully accept the brace
For up to 12 hours, wear the brace for 30 minutes a day, increasing it by 30 minutes each day.
Wear your brace according to your veterinarian’s instructions
When your animal sleeps at night, remove the brace
Check your pet’s skin for signs of irritation. Your veterinarian should be contacted if any are present
Besides wiping the brace, keep skin and fur that gets in contact with it clean as well
Make sure your brace is in good working order by inspecting it regularly

It is used to aid wound recovery and prevent licking, and is not suitable for severely injured dogs.
Let the skin breathe 2-3 times a day after removing the stent
The stand should be removed if your dog is left in a cage or unattended
Resting at night means removing the brace so that the wound can breathe