7070 LEDs – High Power LED

● Features:
1. Emission color: IngaN AlGaInP
2. Lens appearance: yellow diffuse
3. Multi-color type.
4. Applicable to all SMT assembly methods.
5. Compatible with infrared and vapor phase reflow soldering processes.
6. Compatible with automatic placement equipment.
● Application:
1. Automobile: dashboard, brake lights, turn signals.
2. Biomedical optics, instrument and equipment testing
3. Status indicator: consumer electronics and industrial electronics.
4. Security, infrared monitoring, night vision
●Conventional material:
Electrode: Gold Plated
Encapsulation resin: epoxy resin
Conductor: Gold wire 99.99%.
Superconducting carbonized substrate
Queendom 7070 is a multi-chip, high power ceramic package high power LED that delivers high brightness in an ultra-rugged package for cost effective single optic and directional fixture designs. The Queendom 7070 is housed in the industry standard 7070 surface mount package with a small Light Emitting Surface (LES). The Queendom 7070 is available in 70, 80, 90 CRI and a variety of CCTs and offers thermochromatic positioning to ensure the LED is within the color target range under application conditions of 85°C.
More info: https://www.queendomlamp.com/products/7070/