358 Security Mesh Fence

by Clearviewfences Fence & Fencing Panel Manufacturer

358 anti climb fence features:

Anti-cut: Wire cutters and bolt cutters cannot pass through the narrow holes, so the fence will not be damaged.
Anti-climb: Fingers cannot penetrate the opening holes because they are so small.
Smooth surface: For a decorative effect, the panel finish surface is well-proportioned.
Strong welded point: Welded joints are permanently fixed, not susceptible to splitting by human or natural forces.
Durable: In order to ensure long service life, the panel sheet is uniformly galvanized and PVC coated.

316 Security Mesh Fence – Anti-Climbing, Security Welded Panel Barrier

Welded mesh panels with small mesh openings make up the 358 security mesh fence. With conventional hand tools, it is extremely difficult to penetrate and attack the structure. The 358 fence, sometimes referred to as prison mesh or anti-climb fence, is a special fence panel we manufacture in our city. Its dimensions are 3′′ x 0.5′′ x 8 gauge, or 76.2mm x 12.7mm x 4mm in metric, ensuring the best performance, durability, and appearance. Prison mesh has small holes at each intersection, eliminating foot and finger grip and preventing objects from passing through, making it particularly useful for hand cutting. Recreation venues, parks, schools, and commercial developments often require a high level of physical perimeter protection.


More details:https://www.clearviewfences.co.za/358-mesh-fence/


  • The thickness of the post plate is 2.5 mm, 3.0 mm, 4.0 mm, or 5.0 mm.

  • Sections: 60 x 60 mm, 80 x 80 mm, 100 x 100 mm, 120 x 120 mm.

  • Coating: subsequently coated with polymer powder (minimum 60 microns), inside and outside galvanized (minimum 275 grams per square meter).

  • For maximum strength, steel is strong and rigid.

  • Plastic or metal post caps are available.

  • The colors are the same as on the panel.

  • A powder coating is applied to metal clips and clamps after they have been hot dipped galvanized.H0089c358eb1c4257a600faa66883920fY.jpeg_960x960

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