If you need a cup filling solution to fit your demands, look to Joygoal. They have solutions for filling/sealing premade cups, tubs, and trays. Consider Joygoal for packaging products like cottage cheese, yogurt, cheese/butter spreads, whipped cream, ice cream, almonds, snacks, cereal, and more since it offers a variety of filling, sealing, and capping choices built on the foundation of the Autoprod and Holmatic brands. With filling capabilities ranging from 100 up to 840 ppm output and a variety of machine types, Joygoal cup filling and sealing machine solutions are available in a variety of capacities, footprints, and configurations.

  • sporadic motion overcappers
  • Filling, sealing, and overcapping using inline indexing
  • Overcappers who move continuously
  • Seals with linear indexing
  • Indexing rotary sealers
  • Permanent motion sealers

With a variety of lanes and configuration options, our cup filling sealing machine solutions are ideal for a wide range of container types, including rounds and non-rounds.


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