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Guangzhou Great Style Mobile Technology Limited

China - Guangzhou Cell Phone Accessories, Mobile Phone Accessories, Apple Accessories, Samsung Accessories manufacturer & supplier, offering Screen Protector, Tempered Glass, Tempered Glass Screen Protector, iPhone Screen Film, Samsung Screen Film at factory price.

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Company Profile
GStyle Mobile manufactures screen protector made of tempered glass for Smartphone and tablet, such as iPhone, iPad, Samsung, Sony, Huawei, Google, etc.

We are proud to provide countless customers with our high quality products in several countries, including the U. S., France, Sweden, Austria.

Our Story
For more than 3 years we've been a trusted partner for customers who needed tempered glass screen protector. There're so many manufacturers in China producing similar products, but not all of them are created equal. We believe that everyone deserves to have essential products, and that's why we founded GStyle Mobile.

What We Do
We create products to help people improve performance on device protection and make people's lives better and easier. From product design to tooling, to mass production, to delivery, we partner with our clients on the whole journey.

Our goal is to provide ultimate products and excellent customer experience. It all comes from the same simple idea: Whe... [Read More]
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