Best 10 Replacement Batteries for Different Types of Electronic Devices

Laptop batteries are an essential aspect of owning a laptop. They provide power to your device when you’re on the go and enable you to work for extended periods without being tethered to an outlet. However, after a while, laptop batteries tend to lose their ability to hold a charge, which can be frustrating if you rely on your device for work or entertainment. In this situation, replacement laptop batteries come in handy. Here’s a guide on how to choose the right replacement battery for your laptop.

Understand Your Laptop’s Battery

The first thing you need to do is identify the type of battery that your laptop uses. There are two main types of laptop batteries: removable and non-removable. If your battery is removable, you can easily take it out by following the manufacturer’s instructions. Conversely, if your battery is non-removable, you’ll need to open up your laptop to access it.

Once you’ve identified your laptop’s battery, you should note its voltage, capacity, and chemistry. This information is usually printed on the battery itself or in your laptop’s manual. Understanding these specifications will help you find a compatible replacement battery.

Check Compatibility

It’s essential to ensure that you purchase a replacement laptop battery that is compatible with your device. Many laptop manufacturers design specific batteries for their models, and using a different battery could damage your device and lead to safety hazards such as explosions. Before purchasing a replacement battery, check your laptop’s manual or contact the manufacturer for guidance.

Consider the Battery Type

Laptop batteries come in three primary types: nickel-cadmium (NiCad), nickel-metal hybrid (NiMH), and lithium-ion (Li-Ion). NiCad batteries are the oldest and least common type, with short battery life and poor performance. NiMH batteries perform better than NiCads but not as well as Li-Ion batteries. Li-Ion batteries are the most common laptop battery and provide excellent performance, longer life, and better reliability.

Battery Life

When choosing a replacement battery, it’s essential to consider its battery life. Battery life refers to the amount of time the battery can power your laptop before needing a recharge. High-capacity batteries tend to have longer battery life than low-capacity ones, but they also tend to be more expensive. Consider how frequently you use your laptop on the go and whether investing in a high-capacity battery is worth it for you.


The price of replacement laptop batteries varies depending on their type, capacity, and brand. Be wary of extremely cheap batteries, as they may be low-quality and could damage your laptop or pose a safety hazard. Look for reputable brands that offer warranties and good customer service.

In today’s fast-paced world, our electronic devices have become an integral part of our lives. From smartphones to laptops, we rely heavily on these devices to keep us connected and productive throughout the day. However, one thing that can be a real pain is when the battery dies and we are left without access to our beloved gadgets.

Fortunately, there are a wide variety of replacement batteries available on the market. In this article, we will discuss the 10 best replacement batteries for different types of electronic devices.

1, For Drager Evita V500 V300 Babylog VN500 8415290-08 8415290-11 V500/300 Babylog VN500 8415290-08 Battery

Voltage Voltage: 24.0V
Volume Capacity: 2500 mah
Type Chemistry, Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMh)
Approx Size: 200mm L x 120mm W x 28mm H
Approx Weight: 1.270Kg/1270g
Applicable battery model: 8415290-08 8415290-11

2, Replacement Battery Part No.82-111636-01 82-111636-04 For ZEBRA MC95 MC9500, MC9590, MC9596, Barcode Scanner Battery

Capacity: 4600mAh/17.02Wh
Battery Type: Li-polymer
Cell:Made in China high quality guarantee
Condition:100% Brand New
Replace Part Number:
Part No.82-111636-01

3, New Genuine P7VRH Media Bay Battery For Dell Latitude E6420 E6430 , E6520, E6530, E6320, E6330, 5X317, 312-1160 ,K2R82, 451-11697

Capacity: 2900mAh/30Wh
Battery Type: Li-polymer
Cell:Made in China high quality guarantee
Condition:100% Brand New(2 years warranty!)
Replace Part Number:
312-1160, 451-11697, 5X317, K2R82, P7VRH
P7VRH 5X317 K2R82 312-1160 451-11697
Compatible Laptop Model:
Dell Latitude E6320 E6330 E6430 E6520 E6530 Series

4, For Philips Invivo 9065 989803152881 9067 3.7V 3.1WH 830mAh Battery 67.3×42.4×7.18mm

Type: LI – ION
Voltage: 3.7 V
Power: 3.1 WH
Capacity: 830 mah
Weight: 29 g
Dimensions: 67.3×42.4mm (widest: 53.9×7.18mm)
Applicable battery: 989803152881
Applicable machine model: 9065, 9067

5, UGB New 3.940100 Battery For Defigard 5000 DG5000 Argus PRO LifeCare 2 3.940100 2.200132 Battery

Capacity: 4300mAh
Voltage: 10.8V
Battery Type: LI-ION
Cell:Made in China high quality guarantee
Condition:100% Brand New(2 years warranty!)

6, UGB New R-5702-1 Battery For innomed R-5702-1 CA360B CA360-B Defibrillator battery

Capacity: 3000mAh
Voltage: 12V
Battery Type: NI-MH
Cell:Made in China high quality guarantee
Condition:100% Brand New(2 years warranty!)

7, UGB New LM34S001A Battery For Mindray BeneHeart D1 Public D1 Pro LM34S001A Li-MnO2 Battery

Capacity: 4200MAH
Battery Type: Li-MnO2
Cell:Made in China high quality guarantee
Condition:100% Brand New(2 years warranty!)

8, UBBattery Replacement DCJ3202-01P Adapter for Juniper Networks EX-PWR-320-AC Ex 4200 & Ex 3200

Condition :Brand New
Output Voltage:320W
Output Curren:100-240 5.5MAX 50-60Hz
Adapter Power:320W
Warranty:Full 12 Months Warranty and 30 Days Money Back

9, UBBattery Replacement PS-2151-08 Adapter for Lenovo S740 S800 A9050 B5040

Condition :Brand New
Output Voltage:150W
Output Curren:100-127V/200-240V 6A/3A 50/60Hz
Adapter Power:150W
Warranty:Full 12 Months Warranty and 30 Days Money Back

10, UGB New Original L140BAT-4 Battery For Clevo Schenker VIA 14 Wooking Jiasha ST Pro Laptop Battery

Capacity: 73Wh / 9350mAh
Battery Type: Li-ion
Cell:Made in China high quality guarantee
Condition:100% Brand New(2 years warranty!)